4 a.m. I haven’t seen you in a while🙁

Good early morning bloggers, I haven’t posted in a while. I wanted to post, but my body wouldn’t let me. My body has been stuck in depression mode this week. My mind has be clear, but my body is telling another story. I’ve been fighting a cold for almost 2 weeks, my body aches like crazy. All I can do is get up enough energy to go clean a couple of house, then back in bed I go. Been feeling so guilty and aggravated, because I feel like I have relapsed. Soon as I make progress, I take 5 steps back! So here I am up at my usual time 4 o’clock in the morning. Walking around the house the trying to figure out my life. In my head I have so much going on, I’m like this super busy person up there. In reality my body is laying in bed with no hope, self doubt, and guilt. I text my son to see if the baby was awake, thinking if I see his sweet face I could back to sleep with him in mind. You know how babies are, they have their own little schedules so he was sleeping while grandma is up. Well maybe I’ll get up make some breakfast for myself, I have a lot I want to do today, I just don’t see it happening. Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran