Look What Happens When I Channel My Energy😊

Happy Sunday guys and gals, hope it’s a good one so far. I finally got out of the bed, and walked into my office to get some things done. Yesterday was such a good day, didn’t want to ruin today by laying in bed all day! So about yesterday, I decided that I was going to channel my energy into some DIY projects. Now, I’m pretty creative when I want to be, but lately it’s been such a struggle. Well with that being said, I was thinking about things I wanted to sell in my online store, things that I actually use and things people will buy.  Products that are made with love with my on little fingers. So I have decided to make my own organic all natural products we use everyday, and the first thing I made was homemade lip balm. Yes, I know I’m excited too, 😃 and it came out perfect! I didn’t know how easy it was and how fun it was to make. I researched several ways online, things that are healthy and good for you. Then I was on my way to Hobby Lobby, oh what fun I can spend all my money in that store🤑! I had so much fun looking around and exploring all the things I could be making. Long story short I brought all the products I needed and headed home. Since being diagnosed with depression, I hear a lot about essential oils and what they can do to make your life a little better, so I brought tons of them.  I played around with and decided to make peppermint and citrus 🍊 balm!!! It smells amazing, peppermint essential oil gives off a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body. The orange oil also has that calming effect and is used for feelings of peace. Now, how cool is that?  Right now I need peace and a little calming. Yesterday was the best I stayed out practically all day, not taking a nap once. I felt great, looked great, and just had ball. I know I need to do that more often.  So here’s some pics of my finish product, they smell great and I think I did a pretty good job. My friends are going to be my test bunnies, so I package them all nice and pretty!! Hope you like, chat soon!!!😊💕