Building Confidence While In a Depressive State!

Building confidence can be pretty hard on its on, but try having a depressed mind all the time. Today as I was preparing the things I need to roll out my BIG news on Friday, I had to step back and take a look around. Is this me? Am I singing? Yes, it’s me! The half new me, for once today I had the confidence to look at myself and my projects and say, “damn girl, this shit cute”. LOL I look in the mirror and told myself that, “I am good enough”, “I will get my life back on track”! Wow and I actually believe it too. I spent so many months in a dark hole, the only thing I could see it’s darkness. Nowww…I can see some light at the end of that hole. I feel like I really could see things improving, without my other part of the brain taking over. So here’s to the old me who didn’t think I would ever see the day, the day that some confidence would come creeping back into my soul. Here’s to the things I write on my vision board to help me slowly get back to normal. Here’s to a really fabulous woman who got knocked down, but got up out that bed and sought the help I needed to put me back on the right track! Although my journey isn’t over and please believe I’m so not cured, I like to think of it like a really really long cold. I just keep taking the meds until it’s all gone, lol! So I will get back to my secret projects…chat soon loves!!!

Ms. Fran


So I have BIG news🤗

Sooo I’ve got some big news coming on Friday. I have decided to take my brand in new a direction. I have been working on 2 new projects and I think I’m finally ready to share it with you all! With that being said, please stay tuned on Friday because I will be doing a little giveaway.😊We all love free stuff!! So feel free to share this post, because the more the merrier. I’ll say this again, being diagnosed with depression, has been a blessing and a curse. I’m now in a position to tell my story, without the fear of shame and judgement!!! Thanks to all of you who continue to follow me and thanks for the encouraging words. Believe me they really help! Ok I’m going to start crying😉chat soon….! Stay tune..

Ms. Fran🤗

Wednesday Thoughts!

How do you pray for a child, when you are battling demons in your own mind. This morning my son was on my mind real heavy. I constantly try to encourage him, but I don’t know if I actully believe what I’m saying in my own mind. Also I haven’t been such a good role model in the “bring your child to God thing”. This makes me sad, because he constantly sounds like me, when somebody was telliong me to pray my depression away. So I have to stop for a minute and realize he doesn’t want to hear that crap either. I should know by now, that hearing people say that makes it worse. Now what, how do I encourage him without sounding like the people I hated hearing from. How do I let him know that eventually things will work out in the end? I really don’t know what to do, because I was in this place just a couple of months ago. Oh well all I can do is give it to God, I’m not going to worry my pretty little head over something I can’t control. I have to know my boundaries, I just don’t want to go backwards and I don’t want to see him hurting. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran