Not Much Sex….while in a Depressive State!

Well lately you all have read me going on about my new ebook coming soon, Sex and Depression. This topic hits home for me, and I wanted to see if others out there in the universe can relate. We so often talk about how depression makes us feel mentally, but what about physically? What does it mean for him/her to be in the mood but you’re not.! Sex is very important in every relationship, but what do you do when the only energy you had was wasted on trying to get out of bed that morning. You don’t feel like showering, much less being kissed on. No foreplay, because that just adds extra time to what will seem like eternity…in reality it only last about 5 minutes, LOL! I’m laughing to keep my spirits up, but this makes me feel like a bad wife sometimes. I have always been very sexual, but lately the thought of it makes me good and tired. Don’t know if I’m alone here, but it needs to be discussed. As you already know, sexual desires originate in the human brain. The sexual organs would depend on the chemicals that are being produced within the human brain. In fact, these chemicals are responsible for producing libido, and introducing changes to the blood flow, which are need for sexual activities. When a person is affected with depression, these brain chemicals would be disrupted. I’m no sex doctor, but started doing research on this topic to get advice for myself. I learned a lot and plan on sharing this with you in the new ebook, coming soon!!

Ms. Fran (No Sex Doctor)


Sorry We Can’t Just Pray it Away….sorry😒



Well me and WordPress are at it again, my blog seems to be acting up again and it’s making me sad. I had so much good content over the last couple of days and no of it posted to the blog. So I’m trying to think happy, but this little mess up is putting me in a bad ass mood. Anyway I am feeling a bit joyful today, still got some pain I’m dealing with. My client told me today it could be my gall bladder. *blank stare*

I’m in tons of pain, but I am making it through the day very well. Preseason Football is upon us and I couldn’t be more happy. Got to see my former QB from Clemson play an amazing game as a Texan and tonight my Eagles and the Green Bay play tonight. So I guess you can see I’m very happy today, happy all around. I have been mediating on positive things and learning to stay away from the negative stuff that gets me in a funk. Well I’m off to see what the people at WordPress are going to do about my blog. Hoping you all are having an awesome Thursday, chat soon..




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Ok here we go again my blog seems to be down again😡😡😡😡