Depression and Sex!

While researching this topic for my new book, I managed to discover men brains in depression are totally different than women brains. As if we didn’t know that most men are horny little toads. Depression in men can be a little more severe, resulting in substance abuse and suicides.While women just seem to experience depression at a longer rate, which also leaves them more tired and determined not to have sex. Women are usually exhausted and can barely use that part of the brain, to even think of you laying anywhere near them. Men during depression seem a little more focus on sex, because no matter what is going on in their brain, sex sometimes takes priority. Men also never talk about depression, so it’s really rare that we would hear from them how depression affects their sex life. Now, lets talk about “good sex”! Did you know men are more likely to become depressed after good sex? Did you also know that most men become emotional after sex? LOL this was very funny to me, because I have actually had some of them in my past life. And for what it’s worth, I’m not a fan of seeing am emotional man after sex, lol! Sorry! So tuned for my new ebook……

Ms. Fran


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