Several Ways to a Great Sex Life While in Depression!

For a long time now before writing this book, I have been wondering and researching ways to make my sex life better. Going through depression is hard enough on the brain, but having to come up with different ways to please your spouse is even harder. Should I play nurse tonight, naughty teacher, or the bad slutty girl? Now, I know all this may make you blush, but I was trying to spice up the bedroom for my hubby. Depression is just as hard on your partner/spouse as it is on you. So I have been reading and researching this topic, and here are some ways you can still keep it hot in the bedroom, while in a depressive stat.

Now I not going to tell you which ones I have actually tried, lol! Use your dirty little imaginations……….hmmmm!

  • Try sending your spouse/partner sexy photos while he/she is at work when they least expect it. (I’m usually shy lately about my body, because of the weight gain)
  • Reading books about how to spice up your sex life together (this puts them in the mood, just thinking about how naughty it sounds)
  • Stop in that neighborhood sex store, and browse a bit (play around and ask what they would like to try)
  • Facetime/Phone sex works every time (with my hubby away a lot, this one I might try, if not already! lol)
  • Touch yourself in front of you spouse/partner (let them watch you please yourself)
  • Last but least, talk to each other (tell them what you feel and how you feel, this will eventually turn into pillow talk then foreplay)

Now that I got you to thinking, stay tuned for my new e-book! Coming Soon

Ms. Fran (playing SEX doctor)



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