Aww Sunday!

Happy Sunday all, wow it’s been a busy weekend and I’m a little exhausted. Finally had my yard sale, and it went pretty well. My Clemson Tigers played their first home game on yesterday, I’m super excited it’s football season again. The air seems a little cooler and I’m about ready for those leaves to change. I plan on spending this Sunday trying to get myself packed for my Texas trip. It’s kind of bitter-sweet, because of the real reason I’m going out there. I know this is week is going to be hard on all of us, but I’m praying to God it turns out for the good. With that being said, look on the bright side, I get to see my cute little grand baby for 5 days straight. I’m going to love on him the entire time, he will be begging to come to South Carolina with his Gigi, lol! So I’m just going to keep thinking positive and enjoy my stay. Besides I needed a little time away from here, time to clear my head for a bit.  So enjoy your Sunday and I’ll chat soon……

Ms. Fran


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