Suicide Prevention Week 2017

#throwbackthursday to a time not so long ago when suicide was a common thing on my mind. Constant hospital visits, drinking, and  destructive behavior. But God had more faith in me than I did. All wounds are not visible, most of the time there inside our heads. So He kept me around to share my story, to save at least one person from this tragedy. Help someone today, don’t judge, stop the stigma!! Suicide sees no race, gender, or income status. It can happened to the best of us!!! Seeking help doesn’t make you weak! Taking meds doesn’t make you weak!!! Get the help you need for you and your love ones!!! 

Ms. Fran (suicide survivor)


2 thoughts on “Suicide Prevention Week 2017

  1. Parus says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I am writing a book on suicide prevention and I will share the stories of real life suicide survivors from all over the world. Please share your story too and help in healing the world. Love❤

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