So It’s Time to Choose Better Ones

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good, I was actually kicked out of bed by my hubby and dog. LOL! Neither one of us had to work this morning, so he decided to stay in bed and get some rest. As you all should know by now, I’m not a very good sleeper, so I’m up. Thinking about sipping on some coffee, YES! Coffee, I have never really like the stuff, but lately it’s been really relaxing sipping on a cup on my porch. My hubby is very happy about that, because he can drink coffee all damn day. So as I made it around to my office for prayer time, I saw a consistent theme of scriptures being presented in front of me. Mostly they all were about changing my habits, and letting God take care of everything. Now, of course I have read these same scriptures a thousand times, but they never really stick in my mind. Today I must say was different, I actually understood what the scriptures were pointing out. I have to change my habits, my bad habits, habits of being sad, habits of feeling like a failure. I mean I have drilled these bad habits into my mind and now I can’t seem to get them out. Also while reading, it said everything I am going through is just a test, and by the looks of it I’m failing with God bad. He’s not going to trust me with increase when I can’t be content where I’m at. I know we all struggle with this, and I’m wondering how many of you handle those things that life throws at you? I just have to stay focus on Him and not my problems. It gets so hard sometimes, but I have to put those coping skills to use. So I will be calling my therapist back today to continue my sessions, I can’t do this alone just yet and need all the help I can get. Well I’m off to walk the dog, and fix some breakfast….chat soon! Have a Terrific Tuesday…

Ms. Fran



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