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Monday Just Wouldn’t let Me be Great….😩

 Well Monday was not having it…I spent half the day in bed, because I apparently had some virus. Puking and pooping was not cute this Monday, I feel like 💩🤕! After an amazing weekend, but then Monday comes and ruin it!!!! I went dress shopping and found the ‘perfect’ dress for my fashion show, and hubby was a big help. We had an awesome lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling. It’s been a long time since we did that! ❤️ Then today….😩it’s ok, I’m going to try and get up and salvage the rest of this Monday. The weather is nice and cold outside, which makes me feel so good. I was ready for it to get cold. Hope Monday was better to you all….chat soon!

Ms. Fran


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