In My Feelings Tonight😔

Its Sunday night and I have finally laid down for the night! It’s been an awesome weekend. My Clemson Tigers won the ACC Championship. I Finally got the decorations up, did some crafts, and managed to check some emails. The house looks like a winter wonderland, xmas music 🎶 going and all seems well. At least it should be….I can’t help but feel so sad that I will starting the New Year off with my son going to prison. Today all I could do was cry, I’m just in a sad mood tonight. I’m wondering will I be ok during these 10 months, will he? How will his mind be after this? Tonight is the first time in a while that I’m really worried. I know God has his back, but he’s my only child. How did this happen? Why? Have I come far enough out of depression, only to go back down that dark whole. Will this send my recovery crashing down? I just have to keep praying, a little Christmas miracle would be so lovely right now. Hope you all are well, chat soon….

Ms. Fran


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