A NOTE FOR MOMS DEALING WITH INCARCERATED CHILD: When the child is in womb of mother, she gets deeply connected to this little innocent soul. This connection is so strong, serene and pure that it crushes down remorselessly anything that stands in its path! Children are indeed gift of life to all moms and they relish this charm. This love knows no caste, colour, creed, law or pity and maybe that’s why this companionship lasts forever! When hurdles of incarceration come in way of this pious relationship then all it causes is heartbreak especially when justice is not done!


Remember When Monday’s Use to Be a Drag????

Hey there, not anymore my friends!! I live for a good ole Monday now, hell it’s a chance to start all over again. My life was so depressing last, and Monday’s were the devil. I dreaded getting out of bed, I just wanted to stay under the covers until Monday passed on by. But……not anymore!!! Monday is my new best friend, I look forward to seeing what the week has to offer me. I try my best to think positive so that positive things come my way. Please understand that I didn’t just wake up this way, believe it or not I still suffer a few setbacks, but I know longer want to live that way. There is so much to get done, and so many things I need to do. I spent about three years feeling down in the dumps and couldn’t get shit done. So I’m stepping out on faith, and making this my damn year. Have just the best Monday…chat soon!

Ms. Fran (my year)