It is tough…

It is tough to be a woman, tougher to be a mother but toughest to be a mother of ‘black’ child. This is because the perception of people changes when they see someone who is black and we have all the instances to prove that injustice do happen with so called ‘black’ people. Mother shatters when she sees her child in unrelenting pain and trauma. It is not easy to see your dearest one go through a situation of anguish and pain rather than a life full of tranquillity and peace!

Ms. Fran


Say Affirmations Over Your Life!

“I am Beautiful”, “I am Powerful”, “People Care About Me”

Saying affirmations of your life can greatly improve how you see yourself. After being so depressed for years, I wondered if I would ever feel good about myself again. No one around me was singing my praises, and when looking in the mirror all I saw was hopelessness, worry, and sadness. I didn’t see the diva anymore, I didn’t see that smile on my face. Then I started writing in my journal how I saw myself, so I decided to put these words on my vision board, and on sticky notes throughout my office. I have even found myself saying these things in my head throughout the day. Being depressed can make you think all sort of crazy things, but I have decided to channel those bad thoughts into good thoughts. “I am Beautiful”, “I am Powerful”, and yes “People Do Care About Me”! I no longer have to look for affirmations from anyone, and no one can take how I feel about me away. So today try writing out your affirmations in BIG BOLD LETTERS, and post them all around the areas you spend the most time. Soon you will never let your brain think negative thoughts of you again…NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

Ms. Fran 

Day 7: A Mom is Sentence Too!

Well it’s only been about seven days, and time seems to be going really slow. I try keeping busy which makes the day go by for me, but then I realize he is two hours behind us, so time is espescially slow for him. I really miss him an awful lot, and can’t wait to go see my boy next month. I just couldn’t imagine having to go through this shit for years, I’m so glad God intervene when He did. Today I started back group therapy and he called in the middle of it, and I only spoke with him briefly. I just wanted to cry, because I have never had to brush him off like that. Usually I can call him back,not this time. Glad therapy made me feel better about the situation today, so I’m going to email him before bed. I’ll say this again, being a mom is so hard sometimes! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran