Days: 13-15 A Mom is Sentence Too

Wow it’s been only 15 days! I miss him so much, just picking up the phone to call him. I have like 15 jokes I need to tell him and can’t. Today I was feeling a bit blue before saying my prayers…But God🙌🏾 He knows how to send me to the right scriptures. I just have to keep remembering He got this. Well at least he got to see the kids, he was a little bummed because my grand was acting a little funny to him. That really hurt him bad, but I explained that he will come around once he gets back home. His girlfriend told me that my son was hanging around some shady characters back there. This just pisses me off because once again he will be influenced by other people who don’t care about life. I pray my son uses his brain this time and stay the hell out of trouble, but I’m curious? Are they bullying him? Is he just trying to survive in this environment. Again I just don’t understand how they stick people back there knowing this wasn’t his life before. He didn’t commit murder for heavens sake..I’m just going to keep praying and hope he doesn’t make any stupid decisions. Haven’t heard from him today, the waiting is sickening. Chat soon…

Ms. Fran


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