The 8 different types of depression


3 thoughts on “The 8 different types of depression

  1. Donnalee says:

    Ah, Prima is still around! I read it when I lived there and had forgotten about it. I think this is a good outline, but I worry at times that people can get very self-diagnosing and maybe the medical models do not always offer the most humane view of it all. My spouse recently went on a binge of online medical ‘research’ about diabetic situations and terrified himself plus got so many conflicting bits of advice on diet from everyone online that it really increased his anxiety and confusion on the basic thing to do–his doctor’s sensible advice didn’t measure up to the glam sage buy-my-crap words online! My view is more that we all have some degree of ptsd simply from life and its hardships, so of course we have suffering and depression and anxiety and all, and that compassion, healthy diet and exercise and drinking enough water, loving company, healthy support, happy spiritual and creative and work life and all of that can help. It is too bad that there are side-effects and difficulties with much of the medication given. There is a place that I know of online called Point of return that sells nutritional stuff to help folks coming off medication, and friends have had good luck with that. I don’t work for them or get kickbacks, but I seem to recall they may have good articles for free on their site, if you are interested in checking it out.

    Today I seem to be mentioning a ton of blogs and sites to folks here, but it is not intentional spamming–it is things I think they might enjoy. Best wishes–

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