Handling Anxiety



5 thoughts on “Handling Anxiety

  1. Donnalee says:

    The idea of this article is good, BUT…this list of her worries that are not true sounds sort of babyish to me–I know, I’m evil for thinking that maybe her story sounds like no big deal compared to other people’s life. What about those of us who DO have serious health issues, loved ones in jail or addicted, actual possiblity of death or people and pets who did die, serious serious money troubles, PTSD…? I agree it’s great to accept that sometimes yeah, we’re making too much of something, and maybe it isn’t as bad as we fear, and it is great to be mindful and to breathe and to eat well and chill out and not make health and life worse, but sometimes things ARE seriously hard and THEN we have anxiety too. I want to know what else can help then, especially if we don’t want to take meds and stuff that doesn’t always help anyhow. Know what I mean? I would LOVE it if i were just sort of making drama about my health, money, partner’s health, whatever, and then a little calm time would should me that everything was really fine.

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