Funny take on living with Mental Illness


Alcohol Awareness…No your Limit!!

✨Wow never thought I would be calling myself an alcoholic, but that’s what I am✨ I used and abused alcohol for purposes no one should use them for. I blacked out, drove while drunk, even destroyed some relationships along the way. Alcohol became my one and only friend, I hid mini bottles, would pull over and park just to get a drink in before I headed home. The last straw was when I embarrassed my son and he pleaded with me never to drink again. Nothing like a child doing the parenting, so this month I’ll be celebrating because I’ve been sober for 3 1/2 months🙌🏾 With consistent willpower and prayer I think I will make it through the rest of the year. Shout out to those in recovery, it’s not easy but the reward is worth it. 😊

April is Alcohol/Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Happy busy April month! Both of these causes hit home for me. As you all know who read my blog, you all know that I was raped and sexually assaulted repeatedly in my teens and I’m also in recovery from alcoholism. 3 1/2 months sober….🙌🏾whoop whoop!

I’m Olivia and I’m an alcoholic, wow I never thought I would have to use those words. I never saw myself as an alcoholic at all, but hell I was drunk what did I know!?🤷🏽‍♀️ I just know now that I’m no longer ashamed of it. So I’ll be writing post dedicated the rest of the month to both of these causes. Both are near and dear to me…chat soon!

Ms. Fran