Your Tuesday Affirmations: Love Thy Self

Happy Tuesday, hope everyone is up and getting your day started. I was feeling good about myself this morning after looking in the mirror. For the longest time looking in the mirror scared me, I only saw a dark sad soul no amount of makeup and wigs could cover. Now, looking in the mirror I see a survivor, a warrior, a beautiful woman who once again overcame what the devil meant for my harm. The bags under my eyes are no longer visible, my skin looks bright, clean, and radiant. I’m beginning to love myself again, I’m beginning to worry about how I look out in public. I love me and that’s ok!!! Self isn’t selfish, it’s the right thing to do. Shout out to whomever is reading this and needed to know that it’s ok to love yourself more than that addiction, than that abusive spouse, or that nasty eating disorder. Self-love isn’t selfish. Please share to inspire others! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Ms. Fran 


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