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Mental Health Affirmations for a Successful Week:

Happy Monday, as we start this week I want you all to be mindful of your mental health. Most people handle themselves better than others, but some are still struggling to just get out of bed. Although, I’m getting better and stronger everyday, I still have my days. So this week be patient with yourself and those around you who suffer. Have a great week! Here are some affirmations to repeat to yourselves when you are feeling low:


  • I will focus on my mind and happiness in the week ahead
  • I will pursue a hobby and make time for myself
  • It will be a full week of progress and success
  • I will take charge and take care of myself
  • I will live my life according to my rules
  • Life is worth living

Stay inspired this week, think positive, pray, and remember “not being ok is ok, but don’t stay that way”! 

Peace and Blessings

Ms. Fran


Coming Soon new journals from AshesToBeauty Mentoring!! You all know how I’m obsessed with journals and writing, so I’m creating some for you! The journals will include 10 printable journal prompts and 5 scriptures to place in your journal. Stay tuned…..📖🖊

Ms. Fran😊