2017 Columbia SC solar eclipse info: Weather, glasses, events | The State

Here is a little info for those of you across the way, this is what we got going on!!


Happy Eclipse Day 🌘🌚

Happy Eclipse Monday, so this day has arrived. My city is in full eclipse mode,t-shirts, glasses, parks are filled, and the kids are out of school. Gosh, who knew this thing would be so huge here in SC.😳I’m not to enthusiastic about it myself, because it’s absolutely hot as hell here and I don’t want to be out there.😂 I guess I need to get up and get some errands done before the traffics gets heavy. It so cool to see how excited everyone is, wish I had my grand baby here. Soon I’ll be enjoying all those fun things again. Well hoping you all are in the path of it, if not have an awesome Monday. Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran😎🌚

Princess Diana Talks Mental Health In Newly Uncovered Interviews

I love hearing stories about this Princess, I was a little younger back then and was so in awe of her. To hear that she suffered  from what so many of us common folks suffer with. I could only imagine the ‘mask’ she had to wear, having to be perfect because all of our eyes are watching. Must’ve been so painful, and hard to cope with! 

Ms. Fran😊

Products That Make Cooking Easier When You Are Tired | The Mighty

Omg I never even thought that some of our very own kitchen items could help us out!! There are days, weeks I don’t cook, because my body aches so bad!!! Hmmm…🤔thinking a chair and a crockpot will be my new best friends in the kitchen.

Ms. Fran