Let’s Do This Monday

So far so good, the rain was pretty awesome and calming this morning. Got up kind of late, the pup hates the rain and wanted nothing to do with going out in it. Don’t have to be to the school until late, it’s Music Monday so the kiddos and I are doing karaoke 🎤! Lord this should be fun.🤗 Taking it one day at a time this week, but won’t give up! Just have so many “Why Me” questions this day. Oh well not going to dwell on the negative today, hoping each of you find a reason to smile this Monday! Chat soon…

Ms. Fran


I finished the Guilt Bible reading plan from @YouVersion! Check it out here:


I Just Don’t Know!

Well what a difference a day makes, of course you all have read me saying that before. But it’s so true, yesterday was such a great day. My friends wedding day, a chance to get all dressed up and celebrate her. That’s exactly what I did, and my crazy brain stay away. She looked absolutely gorgeous and the groom wore a kilt (he’s Scottish)! When I tell you I was so obsessed with the kilts and tried to find out what was underneath 😂😂😂😂The wedding was just amazing and I had a lovely time. Came home a tad bit early, because I’m still exhausted from the Texas trip and wanted to just get in my bed. Slept pretty well all the way through church this morning, the pup didn’t even get me up! Smh! So my son and I got up and decided we would do some baby registries! Omg what fun I had with him pointing that little gun at all the baby things. They have so many new things out, I was overwhelmed by just love!!! I can’t wait to hold that little munchkin in my arms. But then reality sinks in, and we have to prepare ourselves for the day of sentencing. Will they send my son to jail? I can see how much it’s starting to weigh on him, he’s asking questions and I can’t help him. I can’t help my son out of this, I absolutely don’t know what the hell to do. Once again I’m just stuck, and it’s sad to say that the shots of liquor are becoming more frequent. If it isn’t food, it’s the drinking. One shot turns into the bottle, then I’m feeling sick and guilty the next day. One day I’m up, the next I’m down! I’m biting my nails and lips more often, my body feels like a truck hit me. I promise I’m trying to venture into new things, but it only holds my attention for seconds!  Lord I’m just falling apart, again how much more can I take?  Everybody keeps telling me it’s going to be ok? I wish I could believe that! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran

5 Things I Wish My Employers Knew About Anxiety | The Mighty


 Wow wishing my job would understand these things as well, I haven’t mention to much to them but wish I could!!! Oh well, great read! 

Ms. Fran😊

Check Out My New Online Store!👗🕶🤗

So I have been working on a few things behind the scenes! Check out my new online store, great products on a budget!!! Enjoy!! All proceeds from Signature BlackGirlDown Items go to Transitions HomelessShelter and Mental Illness Recovery Center! 

Ms. Fran 


Happy Saturday, woke up feeling pretty good and the weather is nice! It’s wedding day for my friend and I’m totally excited to see how pretty she will look! My crazy side of the brain is on pause for a moment, really happy about that. Did a little work in my yard, dropped my pup off for a bath, now I’m taking a little nap since I have the house to myself!!! Hope you all enjoy the day…chat soon! 

Ms. Fran😊