Woes Of The “Strong Black Woman”: Mental Health Is Very Real For Us | BLAVITY

The story of my life, trying to survive the “you’re the strong one”! Everybody falls weak at some point and time! Good read😊


Taking Care of Your Mental Health With Keisha Downey – Black Health Matters


A must read for ladies in general, especially African American women!!


New Movement To Silence The Shame About Mental Health


 This is awesome for the black community, which constantly continues to shame most for having a mental illness! Again I say people “just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”!!! 


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Mental Health Awareness and Lack of Health Coverage

In general, over 20% of the African-American population do not have health coverage. And this is largely attributed to their low-income or low socioeconomic status. A public health professor cited that poverty and poor health are directly correlated. This is because they have fewer or no resources at all to get health coverage for themselves and their family.

This is why mental health awareness is so important in the African-American community, instead they misunderstand what it is and are unable to seek the help they need. Most either don’t want to talk about it, or don’t believe it exist.

Help bring awareness to all communities in need!