30 Days of Gratitude Day:8

Well as you can see what I’m thankful for today. Crafting has really been a stress reliever for me, although people don’t buy them, I still love making bracelets . The first time I tried making jewelry with beads was in the hospital. Yes, when I checked myself in after my last suicide attempt. One of the nurses had a crafting hour, now I was very reluctant to go, but I did and the rest is history. Funny when I made that first bracelet, my family laughed at me and called me crazy. Hmmm, makes me a little sad that they still don’t get it!!! Oh well, can’t dwell on the past or stupid people. So today I’m thankful for beads, and as you can see in the pics, I know longer have my laptop on my desk. My gosh I have no more room, might have to rent some storage space😂😂😂Pics of some of my work soon!!! Have a great night…!

Ms. Fran📿(Bead Queen)



Good Saturday all, I’m up and excited that today I finally get to share my news with you all. Yesterday was a complete diaster, but I remained calm and prepared myself for today. So you all know that I have been spreading the word about mental health in the black community and I wanted to take my word further. I have designed an app in the Apple store so they you will have my blog and resoures on the go! Yes, no more waiting for my email or if you just hate recieving so many notifications. Now you can download my app and share it with any family, friend, co-worker, or spouse. When you don’t no what to say, BAM, just show they my app. Sorry I don’t have it in the Google store, it will be there next week. App name : Olivia,Blackgirldown

Also I have decided to launch some homemade organic products, that will help ease your mind and soul on the go! I have been enjoying playing with the essential oils, and since they work for me I wanted to share. So please feel free to head over to http://alllathereduphomemade.weebly.com 

I couldn’t be more happy about how far I have come, please head over and like me on all of my social media pages as well!







Oh Monday😫😊

 Good Monday morning, it’s nice outside I slept ok and now I’m up ready to conquer the day! Focusing on good thoughts today and this week! My weekend was awesome and I’m glad I had a chance to clear my mind. Finally started working on some crafts for the shower, even manage to make dad a little something. I’m not looking forward to the school today or this week, I absolutely feel stuck and bored. Oh well I’m going to make the most of it, and enjoy the day! Wishing you all a bless week full of miracles and smiles😊chat soon…..

Ms. Fran

These will be the shirts we’re wearing, with baby’s name on back and the year of his birth! Cool right???? And a little wreath for dad, I know he will love it!!!

Oh Friday Love ❤️ 

Good afternoon good people, it’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. I have made a to-do list for myself to keep my mind busy. I decided to try some crafting and consignment shopping this weekend. Spring is here, the house hasn’t had my special touch in a long time. I have neglected my house duties, which is one of my favorite things to do is clean. I really want to do some painting in my bed room, it’s looks pretty sad and grey. I’m going to paint it a bright pretty color and dress the bed up all nice and pretty. Maybe if the bed is cute, I won’t decide to keep getting back in it all the time. Small steps people. I have been researching on how to get myself out of this deep funk, so I’ll focus on the house. Hoping the weather will finally get its act together so I can get out in my yard. I’m usually already finish with that, but this weather is a little is a little crazy. So that will be my next week chore, along with a yard sale to make some extra cash. I have tons of goodies inside my house, hopefully it can make somebody else happy!! Well as you see I have a full 2 weeks plan, let’s cross our fingers and hope it plays out!! Wishing you all a great weekend! Chat soon…

Ms. Fran🤗