Feeling A bit Discourage!

Good morning, woke up feeling a bit discouraged today. Don’t know if it’s the cold I’m coming down with or the fact I haven’t meditated and prayed. Whatever it is I’m about to get out this bed and shake it off! Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday….

Ms. Fran


In My Feelings Tonight😔

Its Sunday night and I have finally laid down for the night! It’s been an awesome weekend. My Clemson Tigers won the ACC Championship. I Finally got the decorations up, did some crafts, and managed to check some emails. The house looks like a winter wonderland, xmas music 🎶 going and all seems well. At least it should be….I can’t help but feel so sad that I will starting the New Year off with my son going to prison. Today all I could do was cry, I’m just in a sad mood tonight. I’m wondering will I be ok during these 10 months, will he? How will his mind be after this? Tonight is the first time in a while that I’m really worried. I know God has his back, but he’s my only child. How did this happen? Why? Have I come far enough out of depression, only to go back down that dark whole. Will this send my recovery crashing down? I just have to keep praying, a little Christmas miracle would be so lovely right now. Hope you all are well, chat soon….

Ms. Fran

Monday Ended Well😊👍🏽

Super happy this Monday ended well, I remember dreading Monday’s and couldn’t get out of bed. I have been really busy on all my new projects, so that keeps my mind from drifting off. I’m so proud of how far I have come, I still have a ways to go, but glad I’m heading on the right track. I’m going to bed tonight happy and satisfied with my accomplishments. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’ll get there. Before I go, I read today that a local police officer committed suicide in his patrol car with his service weapon today. For some reason this hit me really hard, although I didn’t know the officer I just felt it was so close to home. With that being said, people suicide is real and it can happen to the best of us. I’m not sure what this young man was going through, but I know how those thoughts can over power your brain. My prayers are with his family and all families that are grieving over their love ones tonight. Wishing you all a good night..chat soon!!

Ms. Fran

Is It Possible to Feel Sad and Happy at Once🤔

So it’s raining out and I’m feeling a little bit sad, but happy! Happy I’m going out with friends tonight for dinner, nothing fancy just enjoying each other. I really need this company today, because I’m about to fall apart. Well have the date of when my grand baby will be here, although I’m totally excited, I’m also so sad. I had hope to be in better position financially, hell and mentally. I just was hoping to be this fabulous, rich, powerful woman by now. I hate my grandson has to come into this world, looking at the failure I’ve become. He deserves so much more, he also doesn’t need to have his fathers fate being handle by some judge. I’m just a mess over this!!! But then I’m sooo happy, because I can’t wait to see his cute little face staring up at me. So I ask again can you be happy and sad at the same time????? Chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran

So I Ran Away👏🏽

I’m gone, no clothes, no dog, no personal belongings! I’m just gone! Tonight my husband treated me like he never liked me or respected me. Now granted he was this way before earlier in the marriage but I thought he changed. NOT!!! He’s mad because I missed a student loan payment, like he didn’t know I’ve been struggling these pass few weeks! He didn’t even look at me, just said “get away from me”! Treated me like I never existed. This hurt me to my core, I’m tired! I’m sleepy, disappointed, sad and mad! I left home, don’t know where I’m going but I’m gone! Screw it all! 


I Just Don’t Know!

Well what a difference a day makes, of course you all have read me saying that before. But it’s so true, yesterday was such a great day. My friends wedding day, a chance to get all dressed up and celebrate her. That’s exactly what I did, and my crazy brain stay away. She looked absolutely gorgeous and the groom wore a kilt (he’s Scottish)! When I tell you I was so obsessed with the kilts and tried to find out what was underneath 😂😂😂😂The wedding was just amazing and I had a lovely time. Came home a tad bit early, because I’m still exhausted from the Texas trip and wanted to just get in my bed. Slept pretty well all the way through church this morning, the pup didn’t even get me up! Smh! So my son and I got up and decided we would do some baby registries! Omg what fun I had with him pointing that little gun at all the baby things. They have so many new things out, I was overwhelmed by just love!!! I can’t wait to hold that little munchkin in my arms. But then reality sinks in, and we have to prepare ourselves for the day of sentencing. Will they send my son to jail? I can see how much it’s starting to weigh on him, he’s asking questions and I can’t help him. I can’t help my son out of this, I absolutely don’t know what the hell to do. Once again I’m just stuck, and it’s sad to say that the shots of liquor are becoming more frequent. If it isn’t food, it’s the drinking. One shot turns into the bottle, then I’m feeling sick and guilty the next day. One day I’m up, the next I’m down! I’m biting my nails and lips more often, my body feels like a truck hit me. I promise I’m trying to venture into new things, but it only holds my attention for seconds!  Lord I’m just falling apart, again how much more can I take?  Everybody keeps telling me it’s going to be ok? I wish I could believe that! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran

Emotions All Over The Place🙁😊

It’s been one of those days, today I feel nothing just numb! I don’t know if I’m happy or sad!!! I’m finally home, tired ass hell but can’t get it together. Went to clean this morning, no daycare at all. I don’t even know if I want to go back at there. Just so in between about life right now. Feel like I should continue doing all the new things I have planned, but scared to start anything out of fear. Out of the fear that, something else will fall on my plate and shatter my hopes. So today I’m just numb, lost, confused and undecided.  I guess I’m all over the place in my mind, chat soon…
Ms. Fran