Your Tuesday Affirmations: Love Thy Self

Happy Tuesday, hope everyone is up and getting your day started. I was feeling good about myself this morning after looking in the mirror. For the longest time looking in the mirror scared me, I only saw a dark sad soul no amount of makeup and wigs could cover. Now, looking in the mirror I see a survivor, a warrior, a beautiful woman who once again overcame what the devil meant for my harm. The bags under my eyes are no longer visible, my skin looks bright, clean, and radiant. I’m beginning to love myself again, I’m beginning to worry about how I look out in public. I love me and that’s ok!!! Self isn’t selfish, it’s the right thing to do. Shout out to whomever is reading this and needed to know that it’s ok to love yourself more than that addiction, than that abusive spouse, or that nasty eating disorder. Self-love isn’t selfish. Please share to inspire others! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Ms. Fran 


Happy Thursday! 😊

Wow, this week is moving fast, I’m just a little sluggish today. I did my meditation this morning and I now need a little pick me up, so going to recite some affirmations today:

🔹”The past has no power over me”

🔹”All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in my life”

🔹”I must know what awaits me at the end of this rope so I do not give up”

🔹”It is always to earlier to give up on my goals”

Hope these help some of you today as well!!!

Ms. Fran

Words of Encouragement

Read: Mark 6:45–53

Bible in a Year: Numbers 17–19; Mark 6:30–56

Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.—Mark 6:50

Our bodies react to our feelings of dread and fear. A weight in the pit of our stomachs, along with our hearts pounding as we gulp for breath, signal our sense of anxiety. Our physical nature keeps us from ignoring these feelings of unease.

The disciples felt shockwaves of fear one night after Jesus had performed the miracle of feeding more than five thousand people. The Lord had sent them ahead to Bethsaida so He could be alone to pray. During the night, they were rowing against the wind when suddenly they saw Him walking on the water. Thinking He was a ghost, they were terrified (Mark 6:49-50).

But Jesus reassured them, telling them not to be afraid and to take courage. As He entered their vessel, the wind died down and they made it to the shore. I imagine that their feelings of dread calmed as they embraced the peace He bestowed.

When we’re feeling breathless with anxiety, we can rest assured in Jesus’s power. Whether He calms our waves or strengthens us to face them, He will give us the gift of His peace that “transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). And as He releases us from our fears, our spirits and our bodies can return to a state of rest. —Amy Boucher Pye

Lord Jesus Christ, help me when the dread seems to cling to me. Release me from my fears and give me Your peace.

The Lord releases us from fear.

INSIGHT: When we read today’s story, we may wonder why these sturdy fishermen would be afraid of a “ghost” (Mark 6:49). But put yourself in their shoes. The disciples did see someone walking on the water—and they knew that was not possible. We may not fear the same things they feared, but we all have fears. Just like the disciples, we need the assurance of Jesus’s words: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid” (v. 50). The Lord who fed the multitude with a few loaves and fishes is the same one who walked on water. The disciples did not need to fear because they knew who Jesus was and what He could do. Jesus was essentially saying, “Don’t be afraid! You know me.”

What are you afraid of today? What do you need to remember about Jesus that can help you trust Him? J.R. Hudberg

A Little Wednesday Wisdom: Don’t Give Up!

How often do we hear these three words? “Don’t give up”, what do they exactly mean to you? Every now and again, we go through times where you just feel like giving the hell up. You’re thinking life would be much easier if we just said, “f-it”! We spend so much to thinking about how hard it is, but forget  to focus on how far some of us have come. Yesterday, I was pumped up and ready to conquer the world, then doubt set in. Doubt reminded me that I was only 51 days sober, you still get depressed at times, and no one wants to hear from you. Then I look around at how far I’ve come, and I brush that shit off. I no longer have to listen to that negative voice in my head. So what if you don’t feel like getting dress today, or that you haven’t bathed. Just Don’t Give Up! Try again tomorrow, but don’t give up! We have come to far too let all the hard work go. No matter how you feel, get up, get dress and start your day. Failure at this point isn’t an option….Have a great Wednesday!

Ms. Fran


A Little Hump Day Motivation!

Well, we made it to the middle of the week without having a melt down. I know by this time we are starting to get into a mid-week slump. We start thinking about how much we hate our jobs, life, and probably a co-worker or family member. Let’s face it, hump day feels like we having been working all damn week. Still so far away from the weekend, and you’re just about out of patience. Instead of moaning about the middle of the week, sit at your desk and write down all your little accomplishments. You know, like I didn’t slap my co-worker, or I arrived on time all three days. LOL, see I bet you are laughing!!! Take it from a depressed person, we saw everyday as dooms day, so anytime I find myself laughing in the middle of the week I have accomplished a lot. So here’s to making it to the end of the week, I promise you will feel better and everyone around you will feel better too. 

Ms. Fran 

A Little Monday Motivation

Happy Monday, I know many of you are still hating this day like I use too! I see Monday’s different now, like it’s a fresh start to start over. Everything we didn’t accomplish last week, we can start again. So Monday’s are my new best day!! This week is a chance to get that chore done, clean out that closet, or finish reading that book you put off all last week. Take this affirmations or create your own, read them aloud and make sure they are in the present tense. We will get through this week strong, so no looking back. You are the ‘Master’ of your thoughts and only you can change them. Have a great Monday and a Bless week friends…….

Ms. Fran

A Little Wednesday Wisdom

When I first saw this fact, I was pretty blown away. I mean those of us with sight, spend most of our time frowning and we get to see so many beautiful things in front us. We frown at traffic, we frown at crowds, we frown if someone honks their horn. We frown about every damn thing.  I just couldn’t get it out of my head that a blind person sees none of this and manages to smile, so what’s our excuse. Just think about it hell we have sight for one, I felt pretty shameful after reading this and will think pretty hard about the next time I fix my face to frown. Hmmm, I hope this fact was helpful and that you manage to get a smile or two in today. Have a great Wednesday….

Ms. Fran

“The world is like a mirror, if you face it smiling, it smiles right back at you”

“SMILE, let everyone know today, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday.”

Speak Positivity Over Your Life

Happy Wednesday….this morning affirmations are a few I have been telling myself lately, use these or come up with your own. If you don’t feel postive or good about yourself, hell who will?? Taking care of yourself isn’t ‘Selfish’! Speak over yourself, Encourage yourself! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

Ms. Fran

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Let’s See What The Day Holds…😌


It’s Thursday and I have a couple of houses today, so that gets me out the house and clears my mind. Didn’t sleep much again last night, hell when do I ever. Thinking I’m going to stay positive and shove off those nasty feelings today. Feeling sorry for myself is so draining😫I saw this quote while reading this morning and I know that someday soon I’ll be  ok, even if I don’t feel it all the time. Hell its just life I guess, I sure would love to one day be on the opposite side! Well I’m about to get up and start my day! Wishing you all a positive Thursday!

Ms. Fran