Prayers for My Son🙏🏽

Dear Lord,

I ask that you forgive me of my sins known and unknown. I stand in the place of my son repenting of any sins he may have committed knowingly or unknowingly.

Have mercy upon him and strengthen him through this process. Grant me peace as I rest in you knowing that he is your son whom you love and have forgiven.

Teach him how to stay focused on you as the Holy Spirit comforts him. Give him discernment to make wise decisions and choose those around him wisely.

Lessen the sentence and give him Favor with all men. Dispatch his angels to watch over him and protect him from harm and danger. No weapons formed against him shall prosper, any tongue that rise against him shall be destroyed.

Destroy any satanic activity or familiar spirits that has attached themselves to his soul. He is free of every Generational curse, free from every stronghold or soul tie.

Help me to use the right words that will lead my son back to you.

In Jesus Name Amen


Someone sent this to me earlier this week, I just opened it today. God knew I needed a word after the news I got yesterday.

Ms. Fran


30 Days of Gratitude Day: 7

Wow 😊I had a great Tuesday, things have just been falling into place…finally the universe is giving me a break! Today I had the opportunity to speak about my books and the projects I have in the works (link coming)! I manage to bring a high paying client into my cleaning business, and all because I prayed without ceasing. I prayed during the times I didn’t understand, and during the times when I felt He forgot about me. Although all of my prayers haven’t been answered, I know now that miracles happen everyday. God knows I have a rough couple of years, and really needed Him to take me under His wings. I can’t thank Him enough for not leaving me hanging. I know now that my teacher is quiet during the test. So today I’m thankful for answered prayers, and for the people He is putting in my path. Constantly singing His praises 🙏🏽

“The more you thank life, the more life gives you to be thankful for.” -life’s cheerleader 

Ms. Fran