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Your New Guide is Days away….😊

We all want to improve and become better people. We all want to enjoy a better existence so that we can live a more fulfilling and happier life. This can all be achieved when you have a proven guide to self-improvement in your armory. Grab your copy soon…


Several Ways to a Great Sex Life While in Depression!

For a long time now before writing this book, I have been wondering and researching ways to make my sex life better. Going through depression is hard enough on the brain, but having to come up with different ways to please your spouse is even harder. Should I play nurse tonight, naughty teacher, or the bad slutty girl? Now, I know all this may make you blush, but I was trying to spice up the bedroom for my hubby. Depression is just as hard on your partner/spouse as it is on you. So I have been reading and researching this topic, and here are some ways you can still keep it hot in the bedroom, while in a depressive stat.

Now I not going to tell you which ones I have actually tried, lol! Use your dirty little imaginations……….hmmmm!

  • Try sending your spouse/partner sexy photos while he/she is at work when they least expect it. (I’m usually shy lately about my body, because of the weight gain)
  • Reading books about how to spice up your sex life together (this puts them in the mood, just thinking about how naughty it sounds)
  • Stop in that neighborhood sex store, and browse a bit (play around and ask what they would like to try)
  • Facetime/Phone sex works every time (with my hubby away a lot, this one I might try, if not already! lol)
  • Touch yourself in front of you spouse/partner (let them watch you please yourself)
  • Last but least, talk to each other (tell them what you feel and how you feel, this will eventually turn into pillow talk then foreplay)

Now that I got you to thinking, stay tuned for my new e-book! Coming Soon

Ms. Fran (playing SEX doctor)


Topic Tuesday 😊

Good  morning all, I’m up early, not that I want to be. I’m still in so much pain from my fractured rib, so this got me to thinking. You really have to slow down and take care of your body. I still can’t tell you how it happened. So we have to learn to listen to our bodies. I know it’s hard for us who suffer from depression, but we have to really try. Like I said the other day, “I’m falling apart literally”! With that being said, get out walk, run, or excercise. lol I guess I need to take my own advice😂Have a great Tuesday..chat soon!

Ms. Fran

The Morning Struggle!!

Good morning, well I’m up and about, but Lord it’s such a struggle. I don’t know if it’s the gloomy weather outside or what. I dread getting out the bed, and yes I know it’s the depression, but I would love to jump out of bed like a 3-year-old. Instead my chronic pain makes it so difficult. I mean my body is aching more and more. I don’t think the meds are working as much as they have a couple of weeks ago. I go see the nurse on Friday, so hopefully we can try something else. I have a full work schedule the rest of this week, and I really need my body to be in shape. It makes me a little sad, because I don’t want to quit working all together. It’ s just so painful to move around, feels like a big big elephant is sitting on me. Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good mentally this morning. Haven’t had any crying spells today, or at least not yet! Lol! Well I’m about to get this day started, wishing you all the best day!! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran

When Being Tired All the Time Becomes Your Weekend Ritual!

Well it’s about 4 o’clock my time and I just got out of bed to walk the dog in the hot heat.  I did manage to run some errands this morning to pick up gifts for my dad and hubby. That’s pretty much it, been in the bed since then. I’m tired, exhausted, and my body is aching. I look like a mess, my eyes are red from yawning all day. Sleep seems to take over me during the day, then at night I’m wide awake with my thoughts. I wake up feeling like a zombie, because I’m forcing myself to get things done. I feel hopeless, it’s very overwhelming sometimes. I take a look all over social media and see everyone enjoying many activities, while I’m stuck in the house. Blinds are closed, room is dark, and I’m under my covers like it’s 40 degrees outside. I have so much I need to get done, but I can’t! My tiredness has taken over my body, just cooking breakfast this morning seemed like a gym workout. I know it’s hard from some of you to understand, I hear things like, “go to the gym”, or “everybody is tired, push through it”. The truth is I can’t, physically can’t. My feet hurt while I’m wearing bedroom slippers, walking up and down my stairs is a damn task. I feel like a 600lb woman, locked up in my room, to the point where my son is like “get up and get it yourself”! Hubby will come home in a couple of hours, and I’m in the same clothes I had on before he left. He will think I stayed in bed all day accomplishing nothing. Truth is I actually got out today, but was so exhausted from that so I laid back down. I know I must sound like a broken record, but I don’t know what else to say. I don’t wish this life on anyone at all. Everyday it’s a constant struggle and I’m exhausted from trying. This feeling of tiredness haunts you. I pretend to be up looking productive, but then my brain is talking out loud, “like go to bed”. I’m not going to bed because I’m lazy, believe me I was never like this before. As father’s day approaches, I feel hatred for my dad. I feel like if it wasn’t for his stroke in 2014 I would be fine. Being his caretaker was hard for me, and I don’t see any reward for helping him. I mean I did out it of the goodness of my heart, but at what price? I now have no life at all. I’m honestly that tired, I can barely continue typing now, because my eyes are heavy. I know it will get better someday, until then I just have to deal…..chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran (exhausted diva)

On A Lighter Note 📝 

With everything I have going on these last two days, I forgot to mention something good I decided to do. Now, y’all know I’m trying my best to stay positive and keep my spirits up. So this weekend was good, but just one thing kept bothering me! When it came time to go shopping, I dreaded this moment. Any other time you couldn’t pry me from a store, but no more! I have been so stressed out and since I quit drinking so much, I then turned to food. Long story short, my ass has gotten fat!!! I tried on dozens of outfits and just felt so disgusted with myself. I’m only 5’0 and I weigh a 182 lbs. Now most of this weight is in my belly and midsection, not to mention my huge breast. So basically I’m to short to be so chunky, now as I turned to the mirror I knew it was time to do something about this. Of course the guilt and shame comes in, how did I let myself go? With so many things going on inside my brain, I can barely think straight so I just eat. Well I searched the internet and found this ‘Fat Flushing Water’. It’s suppose to burn a little belly fat, lol let’s see how it works. I have been afraid to buy a scale because it will only confirm I’m fat, so I don’t know how I’m going to measure myself. I have also cut out sweets, beer, and alcohol. I don’t know how long this will last, with the state I’m in now but I’m willing to try anything at this point. Seeing myself in those damn 3 mirror dressing room, just made me so sad. (They should be banned) Stay tuned….

 I thought I looked cute in my dress, but it was an Xlarge and I felt huge! Hope this water can help me on a path to better eating!

Ms. Fran

Late Post, sorry!!

Good morning bloggers, sorry I didn’t post earlier lots of loose ends to tie up this morning! I’m 2nd day on diet and this was breakfast😔, lol! This is harder than I thought, but I got this! Hoping you are starting the day with a bang, I’m so excited about my new Tshirt venture, hope you all check it out and buy!!  You know it’s a good cause. Have to run up to the daycare today for my last little bit of paperwork and then it’s on. I’m still on cloud💭9 right now, but fear and anxiety is starting to set in! Going to breath and slow down, remember my brain has a mind of it’s own! Well I’m off to clean some houses today, whoop whoop making some moolah, lol!! Have a great Tuesday friends, chat with ya soon!

Ms Fran 😄