Princess Diana Talks Mental Health In Newly Uncovered Interviews

I love hearing stories about this Princess, I was a little younger back then and was so in awe of her. To hear that she suffered  from what so many of us common folks suffer with. I could only imagine the ‘mask’ she had to wear, having to be perfect because all of our eyes are watching. Must’ve been so painful, and hard to cope with! 

Ms. Fran😊


I’m Falling Apart…literally🤕

So after being told I may have breast cancer, fibrosis, and arthritis. I went one more time to get a 5th opinion, and they did all kinds of heart stuff. I’m like NO! It’s under my breast and the pain is unbearable dude!!!! After he saw I was serious and mad, they put me in this cool new CT scan machine and injected me with some fluid that makes you feel like you have to pee. It ran real hot through my body, which felt made me fill a little freaky, lol! Oh well the diagnosis was a fractured rib..🙄yes don’t ask how I do it, because I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I have been in pain for several weeks and finally somebody told me. Now I’m going to take it easy and rest my little body! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran

I Ran Out Of Steam 😞

Well I knew the day would come, and I was dreading it. I’ve been on this emotional high, then I came crashing down like some street drug. I ran out steam, confidence, and hope! Yesterday was not a good day at all, my mind was all over the place and I couldn’t make it stop. I couldn’t believe it, I was back to thinking things were not going to work. So I just laid my ass down after a wild morning, I just was physically and mentally exhausted. I haven’t felt this way in a while, and it scared me. Could I be falling back down that dark tunnel? Lord I hope not, but I know that I’m a long way from being cured. Oh well I see my therapist today and I plan on talking this out with her. Until then I’m going to get my butt up and start this day. Wishing you all a great Thursday…chat soon!!

Ms. Fran

Tuesday Motivation 🤗

Well I’ve heard this quote several times in my dark moments, but never believed it was true! Man….what a difference a month makes!!  I do believe life is tough and damn right so am I. I was in a bad place, couldn’t see my way through but here I stand after all that. I still have my moments, but I believe it’s how you react to the moments that matters. So when life gets tough, stay the course because it will be over soon. I don’t know the hour or day, just don’t give up!!! Have a Terrific Tuesday and find the good in today, big or small!!! Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran😊💕

Always Ready

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. (NLT) ( Psalm 46:1 )

When you find yourself in trouble, where do you turn? Do you call your parents, best friend, or sibling? If they aren’t available, then where do you turn? In the moment you can cry out to God, your Heavenly Father, who knows you, loves you, and has made you. He will come to comfort you and rescue you when you encounter trouble. He is always ready for you to pray to Him whenever your heart cries out.
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