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What Else Can You Go!

This morning I was all set to give you all a long story and recap of my weekend, but to wake up to another heartbreaking news story just took over my mind. What is going on in this world? How can these attacks keep happening? I feel so sorry for everyone who had to endure this horrific event. Soon there isn’t going to be any place we can go. How do you have so much hatred in your heart, to afflict so much pain on others you don’t even know. I pray God comforts those who are grieving their love ones today. We have to find a way to heal our nation. This saddens me to my core, but not going to dwell too much on it. I know God will comfort us all. Chat soon….

Ms. Fran

“…be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His might” Eph. 6:10

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the week. Isaiah 40:29

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Mental Health, Self Care, Depression, Anxiety

Wow what a Hell of a week😊💕🍷🎉

First of let me start off with cute pics of my grandson, yes I’m going to be that Gigi😂I had the pleasure of having him and my sons girlfriend spend the week with me. So if you notice I was missing this sweet lil guy is why! My son, girlfriend, and her mom was here and we had blast. All night partying, talking, laughing, and drinking 🙃I was in granny heaven with all the love surrounding me. Just think a couple of months ago I checked myself into the hospital because I wanted to end it all. Glad I came to my senses when I did and sought out help. My son seems really happy, the baby is absolutely beautiful, and their family has accepted all of us. So a whole week of  love from both sides of Kayden’s family. This was the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Well then I got the bad news that my son would be moving back to Texas.😞 Yes, I’m so heartbroken because I kind of got use to him being around again. I enjoyed cooking for him and the talks we have. I know he isn’t my little boy anymore, and he showed me just how much of a man he was. He was up when baby got up, changed diapers,(even the poopy ones), fed him, and just really helped out a lot. I offered my time, but he was having none of that. Now this isn’t how I expected his life to turn out, but it did! I know he has taken the things I’ve taught him and applied them to his life. I’m very proud of him, and wish the best for his whole new little family. 

So then today happens, well kind of all week, but I was distracted with all the company. The bad, negative thoughts in my head. No, not the suicidal ones, just the self-doubt, guilt, and worthless ones. I know I missed a couple of days on my meds, because didn’t I want to mix with drinks. These thoughts just been pushing to get inside my head all week, and this morning they did. I woke up with no motivation, and self-doubt. Still trying to wrap my head around this damn disease. How long will I continue to feel this way? Does it get better? I mean it’s a damn pain in the ass to feel this way. After all that excitement, I found myself going to bed at 5pm on a Friday night. Only to sleep half the day today! I have missed two therapy appointments and she has been calling like crazy. She probably thinks I’ve given up on therapy. I’ll call and explain my busy schedule. Anywho, just wanted to share with you all. Everything has been perfect this week and I can’t wait to see my little man again.😍Hoping you all were surviving without my posts, lol! Well it’s time to get back to normal, whatever the hell that is??? Chat soon….

Ms. Fran


Happy Valentines Day❤️️❤️️

Good morning all, hoping this day is special for you single girls/gals and the married ones too!! So glad everyday is Valentines around my house, cause he know better!!!😂 Lord he hates this day, but he always brings the best gifts. He loves me even when I’m fussing my pretty little head off, lol!!! Well hope you all enjoy this romantic day…chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran

For Blackgirldown 

Don’t forget your copy!


I Admire You!

Today I admire my son for the man he has become.

Today I admire him for out waying the odds.

I admire him for continually keeping the faith when so much is stack against him.

I looked at him today while he was fixing his car, and had to cry. No matter what he is facing, he continues to be happy and gracious. You all know he is facing a little trouble, but he hasn’t let that get him down. He continues to talk about all he is going to do with his future and how he will be better than before. Today I felt like the child, because I can’t get hold of life right now and glad he doesn’t see that side of me. I felt like a child staring up at their role model, and it just amazes me how cool he is! I couldn’t be more proud of him for taking responsibility and trying to get his life back on track. I wish it was that easy for me, but I will continue to watch him grow and take notes!!! I love you son!!! Mom

Ms. Fran😌


Sunday Best!

Hello my friends, I’m not going to chat long because I’m beat. Got the painting done and the furniture downstairs put back. Tackling my office and guest room tomorrow. Today was a breath of fresh air, I pulled hubby away  from football to paint and hang TV. He wasn’t mad one bit and he actually took his mind of our problems for a while. Usually I dread seeing Sunday go, but hey it will back soon enough. Also I have the best 2nd hubby ( neighbor) in the world. See I prayed for my house and awesome neighbors who are more like family to me. I have never really had friends or family I was close too. My son and I have a great relationship but now that he’s gone, my neighbors filled that void. I absolutely love them to pieces!! He’s reading this blog so I know he’s blushing! Thanks boo for always having my back!!! Well gd night folks momma is tired, about to soak these bones then off to bed. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Sleep well my friends! Pics to come!!

Ms. Fran 🙏


Bath Time

Ok we are back home, so after pushing dad all day in that wheel chair. My arms are tired, brain is shot and I need many cocktails🍸! Shout out to nurses and CNA’S you all have made respect from me! Any who dinner was good but we didn’t say much of anything to each other. I know I’m wrong for holding on to what he said Tuesday but I’m still mad. He isn’t being mean or anything just sitting there watching football, so I decided to take a bubble bath. I have candles, Epson salt and beads!! My body and brain is exhausted, so I will go and soak! Talk to you all later, unless I get lucky😉! Stay tuned!!!!

Ms. Fran 💋


Just Being Myself

I like this because it represents who I am, and yes I have flaws!! I truly keep it real in front of everyone! I always say my life is a story because I have so much to tell. Truly glad that I got over my fear of writing my thoughts viral. I have been writing in journals for years and wanted them publish after I die!!! You know what not going to happen, because I will share everything with you! They good, the bad, and the ugly. Because I’m not perfect and I hope my stories encourage everyone to speak out on mental illness or whatever you like…..halftime over back to my game!!!😊

Ms.Fran Go Tigers!


Not Ashamed!

I saw this quote and really thought it summed up my life. I have hidden so many things inside because of shame . For years I didn’t say much because family didn’t want to talk about certain things, funny though when it comes to me they want the world to know what I use to do! That saying what you use to do! That pisses me off we all use to do shit, but I learned from my stuff, have you? So no I’m not ashamed that I suffer from depression and no I’m not ashamed that I think about suicide more than I should. Nobody life is perfect, shit you can fool those FB folk but not me! As I lay here I cry because my brain is so out of whack that it isn’t funny! That’s depression dammit, and I’m not ashamed. So to all of you who suffer, please don’t feel ashamed. Shit there are people who should be ashamed for existing at all, lol was that harsh? Oh well get it over it!! Blame it on the meds, lol!! Smooches💋

Ms. Fran 



I’m going to leave this right here, because this is my blog and I will write what I want. If you don’t like it then don’t read it, I don’t lie about anything and Lord knows I don’t have to play victim. I’m strong, beautiful and smart and actions speak LOUDER than words, people watch watch you do not what you say!!! I will not get discouraged from writing because it doesn’t meet your standards. I have a hell of a life and a story to tell and I plan on doing so! Hell if you hate this blog, lol then you going to hate my book!! Stay tuned……

Ms. Fran 😎