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Certainly know this feeling!!!


5 Things I Wish My Employers Knew About Anxiety | The Mighty


 Wow wishing my job would understand these things as well, I haven’t mention to much to them but wish I could!!! Oh well, great read! 

Ms. Fran😊

The Mental Health Issue Affecting Millions of Americans


Another great article on Mental Health, bringing awareness because people who are suffering is in the rise!! Enjoy 

Depression Turned Me Into A Different Person, And I’m Okay With It


Love this article, as I’m sitting in the car while my son is driving and I wonder how different am I after being diagnosed. Yes, depression turned me into a different person and unlike the lady in the article I’m not ok with it! I’m actually mad, because I feel weak, confused,  and exhausted! No matter I do to better myself, I still feel so jealous of all my friends who continue to enjoy life regardless. Oh well….

To Those Who Have Been Confused Because I ‘Don’t Look Sick’ | The Mighty


These are the comments I hear everyday, hell if didn’t do my hair or makeup then you would complain.Geesh, can win for losing!! Good article 😊