Positive Vibes Only


New Week, New Goals

Monday is upon us again, time to start fresh and new! Start your week full of cheer and make this week totally productive. Don’t forget to write down your affirmations and goals for the week and make shit happen. Wishing you all a productive and bless week, chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran


Forget about the traffic, stressful work and business meetings today, be happy that the sun is shining and stay positive.

Let this Monday be kind to you; be happy with what you have and accept the things you can’t change.

Tuesday Affirmations!!

Throw your hands in the air if you made it past Monday….Yes! Monday is gone, now on to the rest of the week. I know staying positive and motivated is tough, but we have to hang in there. We may have to leave the negative attitudes in the closet, and lock that door. It’s only the beginning of the year, we can’t give up just yet. Remember when you feel yourself spiraling down that gloomy path, step outside catch fresh air, or head to the radio and turn it up. To help you stay on track, repeat some of the affirmations I have written here, or make up your own. Repeat them in the car on lunch break, or while at your desk. This too shall pass, it was called Monday and we made it through. So here’s to a great rest of the week….

Ms. Fran

Speak Positivity Over Your Life

Happy Wednesday….this morning affirmations are a few I have been telling myself lately, use these or come up with your own. If you don’t feel postive or good about yourself, hell who will?? Taking care of yourself isn’t ‘Selfish’! Speak over yourself, Encourage yourself! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

Ms. Fran

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Remember When Monday’s Use to Be a Drag????

Hey there, not anymore my friends!! I live for a good ole Monday now, hell it’s a chance to start all over again. My life was so depressing last, and Monday’s were the devil. I dreaded getting out of bed, I just wanted to stay under the covers until Monday passed on by. But……not anymore!!! Monday is my new best friend, I look forward to seeing what the week has to offer me. I try my best to think positive so that positive things come my way. Please understand that I didn’t just wake up this way, believe it or not I still suffer a few setbacks, but I know longer want to live that way. There is so much to get done, and so many things I need to do. I spent about three years feeling down in the dumps and couldn’t get shit done. So I’m stepping out on faith, and making this my damn year. Have just the best Monday…chat soon!

Ms. Fran (my year)