I’m Falling Apart…literally🤕

So after being told I may have breast cancer, fibrosis, and arthritis. I went one more time to get a 5th opinion, and they did all kinds of heart stuff. I’m like NO! It’s under my breast and the pain is unbearable dude!!!! After he saw I was serious and mad, they put me in this cool new CT scan machine and injected me with some fluid that makes you feel like you have to pee. It ran real hot through my body, which felt made me fill a little freaky, lol! Oh well the diagnosis was a fractured rib..🙄yes don’t ask how I do it, because I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ I have been in pain for several weeks and finally somebody told me. Now I’m going to take it easy and rest my little body! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran



Good Saturday all, I’m up and excited that today I finally get to share my news with you all. Yesterday was a complete diaster, but I remained calm and prepared myself for today. So you all know that I have been spreading the word about mental health in the black community and I wanted to take my word further. I have designed an app in the Apple store so they you will have my blog and resoures on the go! Yes, no more waiting for my email or if you just hate recieving so many notifications. Now you can download my app and share it with any family, friend, co-worker, or spouse. When you don’t no what to say, BAM, just show they my app. Sorry I don’t have it in the Google store, it will be there next week. App name : Olivia,Blackgirldown

Also I have decided to launch some homemade organic products, that will help ease your mind and soul on the go! I have been enjoying playing with the essential oils, and since they work for me I wanted to share. So please feel free to head over to http://alllathereduphomemade.weebly.com 

I couldn’t be more happy about how far I have come, please head over and like me on all of my social media pages as well!







I Didn’t Celebrate the 4th and it’s ok!

Good morning all, I’m up and ready to get some things done. I have all sorts of new things in the works and while I have the motivation I’m going to keep it moving. So hoping the 4th was good for you all, mines was down right boring. Now, let me explain….last year this time and a couple of months ago I was in a bad place. I was super jealous and envious of my social media timelines, seeing what everyone was doing, the parties/cookouts, the vacations, or just hanging with family. It made me really sad and I couldn’t for the life of me understand “why” couldn’t that be me? See depression and anxiety plays tricks on your mind. You want to do all those things in your brain, but your body can’t move. So I would just cry and pull the covers over my head, but not this year. This year I was ok without celebrating the 4th, no bbq, no friends, no neighbors, just me and the hubby. He spent most of the day getting his truck ready, and I was experimenting in my new laboratory (kithchen) lol! Plus I’m still fighting this summer cold I have had for going on 2 weeks, so staying in was all I wanted to do. But guess what??? I wasn’t sad! I wasn’t jealous! I wasn’t feeling guilty! I felt like a damn grown up. See I have lost so much time dealing with my depression, that I have to get on the ball and make up those years this disease took from me. Meaning I have to work my ass off, to build my account back up like it use to be, I have to continue therapy, this will give me the courage to be out in the world again. And if that means not vacationing, or partying the rest of the year then I’m ok with that.  I want to travel to places in the future that I haven’t been, maybe even come visit some of you overseas, lol! I want to have no worries when I’m vacationing. I want to be carefree and wild!! So yesterday was a good day for me, and I feel really good about it. I know that this is the meds talking, but I’m ok with that. Finally my brain isn’t stuck in gloom and doom mode. Small steps people…so again hope the 4th was good to you all, I have some work to get done. I promise to reveal very shortly….chat soon!

Ms. Fran

I’m On A Roll!!!

So I took some of my on advice today, and I must say I feel good. I was a little upset this morning, did a little crying, but I got my ass up and continued my day. I explained to my son that everything is in God’s hands, nothing else we can do. We have to continue praying and letting go. But I have to admit, today was very hard and I felt myself running back down my dark hole. So I decided to continue finishing up some projects and kept myself busy. I also have to admit that, I just don’t have all the answers for my son. I mean what do you do in this situation? I thought my days of worrying about him was over, I guess not! Oh well I’m just going to keep reading and throwing myself into work. Yes, my house cleaning business is starting to pick back up! Everyone is pretty happy that I’m back in the cleaning game, so it’s a busy rest of the week. Hope you all felt pretty optimistic today, remember we have to force ourselves to see the good even in a bad day. Chat soon…

Ms. Fran