The Road to Self Improvement 

Ms. Fran


12 Inspiring Ways My Anxiety Elevated My Life – The Mission – Medium

This was a great interesting read, I’m always seeking ways to heal myself or come to grips with my illness. I constantly love reading other people’s journeys in hopes of learning new ways to help myself! Enjoy 😊 

Ms. Fran

What It Feels Like to Have a ‘Depression Hangover’ | The Mighty

Hmmm a ‘Depression Hangover’ think I like this term!!! When you feel like crap, tired, unmotivated all in one!! Pretty good read!

Ms. Fran

10 Reminders for Anyone Who Feels Lost in Life – Bianca Bass

My gosh sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking for, but then I read the best stuff!! This article is a keeper, will print off for my vision board, very inspirational.