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It’s Sunday😊

What a beautiful chilly morning, had long weekend that was actually enjoyable. I’m paying for it now, lol I barely want to get out of bed. The dog is right beside because he is a little chilly as well. Well have nothing to much planned today, need to get to crafting for the baby shower (pics to come)! Hope throwing myself in some projects and work, will help me out mentally this week. I have been reading these articles and trying to help myself at home. So let me get up and do a little shopping, have a great Sunday…chat soon!!!!

Ms. Fran😊

12 Inspiring Ways My Anxiety Elevated My Life – The Mission – Medium


This was a great interesting read, I’m always seeking ways to heal myself or come to grips with my illness. I constantly love reading other people’s journeys in hopes of learning new ways to help myself! Enjoy 😊 

Ms. Fran