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Depression and Sex!

While researching this topic for my new book, I managed to discover men brains in depression are totally different than women brains. As if we didn’t know that most men are horny little toads. Depression in men can be a little more severe, resulting in substance abuse and suicides.While women just seem to experience depression at a longer rate, which also leaves them more tired and determined not to have sex. Women are usually exhausted and can barely use that part of the brain, to even think of you laying anywhere near them. Men during depression seem a little more focus on sex, because no matter what is going on in their brain, sex sometimes takes priority. Men also never talk about depression, so it’s really rare that we would hear from them how depression affects their sex life. Now, lets talk about “good sex”! Did you know men are more likely to become depressed after good sex? Did you also know that most men become emotional after sex? LOL this was very funny to me, because I have actually had some of them in my past life. And for what it’s worth, I’m not a fan of seeing am emotional man after sex, lol! Sorry! So tuned for my new ebook……

Ms. Fran

Not Much Sex….while in a Depressive State!

Well lately you all have read me going on about my new ebook coming soon, Sex and Depression. This topic hits home for me, and I wanted to see if others out there in the universe can relate. We so often talk about how depression makes us feel mentally, but what about physically? What does it mean for him/her to be in the mood but you’re not.! Sex is very important in every relationship, but what do you do when the only energy you had was wasted on trying to get out of bed that morning. You don’t feel like showering, much less being kissed on. No foreplay, because that just adds extra time to what will seem like eternity…in reality it only last about 5 minutes, LOL! I’m laughing to keep my spirits up, but this makes me feel like a bad wife sometimes. I have always been very sexual, but lately the thought of it makes me good and tired. Don’t know if I’m alone here, but it needs to be discussed. As you already know, sexual desires originate in the human brain. The sexual organs would depend on the chemicals that are being produced within the human brain. In fact, these chemicals are responsible for producing libido, and introducing changes to the blood flow, which are need for sexual activities. When a person is affected with depression, these brain chemicals would be disrupted. I’m no sex doctor, but started doing research on this topic to get advice for myself. I learned a lot and plan on sharing this with you in the new ebook, coming soon!!

Ms. Fran (No Sex Doctor)

How Does Depression Affect Your Life!

A considerable percentage of the world population has become victims of depression. It has the ability to create tremendous impact on many different aspects of  your life, that also includes your sex life. As intimacy is already overwhelming on its own, try also being in a depressive state. Now, depression doesn’t have to ruin your sex life altogether, in my new ebook we will explore the reasons why depression affects your life, how it affects your life, and ways to manage both. Coming soon…..late August, early September.

Ms. Fran 

So I took the Nap…Now I feel guilty😞

Well I took a little nap, got up to my hubby sitting in the chair looking at his phone. I was in total shock, I didn’t even know he was coming home so damn early. 😒 I usually try to be up and dress before he comes home, so I can at least look decent. So again he caught me with my head scarf and one of my ‘big momma’ house dresses. 😂 Now, the guilt sets in! I’m kind of embarrassed to have him see me laying in bed all the time, but I can’t help it. Physically my body is just hurting, and I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I know he wants the sexy housewive who walks around in heels all day, makeup on, hair done, and no clothes. Hell, I’m just not her this year. I’m still struggling with getting my confidence back, so it’s hard for me to see myself like that anymore. *sigh* Another thing this illness has taken from me, my sex drive and appeal. Yeah..yeah I know that might be what the kids call (TMI), but hell it needs to be said. I wonder how many of you all who suffer from depression, anxiety, etc. have a probably in bed??? lol don’t all answer at once!!! I mean talk about how this illness makes us physically tired, so how the hell can we think about sex??? This has been on my mind for a while and currently I’m researching some ways to overcome this sluggish mood I’m in. Lord knows I don’t want my man looking other places for things I can do at home!!!! 👊🏾😉With that being said…stay tuned for my ebook coming out soon!!! Sex and Depression: When he wants To, but you Don’t!! If there is anything you would like for me to talk about please feel free to email me,! Everything will totally be confidential, I just know I’m not alone here…chat soon! 

Ms. Fran

What Your Orgasms Say About Your Health

Sex and depression my next book, not only does your mental health screw up your mind, it affects your sex life as well!!! Great article!


Feeling Sexy!!!!!

Well since I’m looking all cute, decided to dance my chunky butt in front of my hubby. Lol Hell, he doesn’t see this side me often. I think it’s the red lipstick, and the short dress…kind of happy how he waiting on me to undress!!! I haven’t felt this sexy in a minute, dancing my plump butt around and he loving it. Please crazy mind don’t show up……chat tomorrow!! 

Ms. Fran